The Ball State Technology & Engineering Education Club serves teacher education majors in the Department of Technology.

The Ball State TEE Club in an affiliate of the Technology & Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA), which services to broaden technology and engineering educators experiences, associations, and resources. It allows students the opportunity to interact with future colleagues during conferences that are held throughout the year. The Ball State Technology & Engineering Education Club also affords students to participate in the competitive events that take place at state, regional, and international conferences and compete against students from other programs.

Membership in the Ball State Technology & Engineering Education Club enables you to participate in conferences like the Midwest Regional Conference that is held in conjunction with a state’s teacher education conference each fall. Your membership also allows you to benefit from their resources as your prepare to become a technology and engineering educator. Also by becoming a member of the Ball State Technology & Engineering Education Club, you gain membership in (a) TEECA and (b) the Engineering / Technology Educators of Indiana (or E / TEI).

The current cost to be a member is $10, which includes the previous mentioned items. Also as a member, you are encouraged to attend meetings, club service events, and activities.

Joining the parent association, the International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA), means you will receive the Technology & Engineering Teacher, a magazine that contains news items of general interest, advancement of members, innovative and highly effective chapter programs and financial reports.

Being a member of organizations such as
TEECA, E/TEI, or ITEEA offers rewarding experiences that allow you to develop, relate, and extend knowledge, interpersonal relations and a general interest in the area of technology.

Some opportunities are outlined below:

-Hold executive offices
-Opportunities to be heads of working committees
-Develop Leadership Skills
-Meet with other students, professors, and employers within the local chapter, and the regional and national conferences
-Participate in regional and national events like: -Problem Solving -Communication -Live Transportation -Technology (Tech Bowl) Challenge

Why should you join Ball State’s TEECA-affiliated club?
There are many reasons as to why you as a student should join the TEE Club, many of them have already been mentioned, however there are many more that have not been discussed. You can click on URLs on the “links” page to discover more about the profession.